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Well Son I think you would be very proud of what the Foundation has been doing. We have been growing...slowly but we have been growing just like you wished.
  I was out to lunch with some of the girls from the office a few weeks ago. We walked in to take our seat and noticed a  was a group of Ladies from the Red Hat Society sitting behind us. I turned to check out some of the hats and noticed a woman who seemed to have plexiform neurofibromas on the outside of her skin. I thought to myself....she has NF and I am not leaving until I find out for sure and let her know that she is not alone.
   At the end of our meal as we were heading out I had a chance to speak with the most kindest woman and yes she did have NF. We introduced ourselves and talked for a good 15 min. I wish I could of sat down and talked to her then but I had to return to work. I gave her my card and told her what I could about our Foundation in hopes that she would contact us.
   I am pleased to say she did. A few days later I was checking me e-mails and I received one from her and we will be meeting up soon to visit. I can't wait to hear her story and how she has lived with NF.
  It's because of you son I have been able to find the courage to push on. I miss you and love you very much.