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A Mothers Cry

    Dec. 29, 2009 is a day I will never forget. As that day approaches my heart begins to ache harder with each passing minute. To relive that last day with you is not something I can easily share with anyone. It's hard to believe you will be gone for 3 years.....the pain I feel is still so new and heart breaking.  I often wonder if the pain will ever go away and if it does what is going to happen to me then?
    I miss you Sherod and everything about you. Please for the love of God send me a sign from Heaven above that you can hear me cry out your name. I can't feel you you, hold you or hear your voice....please just let me know you are here with me. I know I tell myself you are here with me but I long to hold you son. I want to hold you and tell you that I'm sorry it was you that had to get sick. I want God to give me a chance to make things better for you then maybe he wouldn't take you from me. I want to come home from work and find you waiting for me....I need something ....I need to feel the comforts of my son.
     Dear Heavenly Father....
                 I do not fully understand the reasoning for you taking my son. I know good has come out of his passing because I chose not  to just let my son be another victim of Cancer. In his dieing days he talked of an Angel.... A red headed Angel and he said you sent for him and he could see her and he could talk to her. If you can send an Angel to talk to my son and put comfort in his heart and mind can you please let me see my Angel. For it has been 3 years since you have taken him. It has been a long hard 3 years and I fight each day to get up knowing I will not see him nor will I hold him or hear his voice. I can only see him in pictures.
         Please God Please hear the cries of a mother and give me this one wish....Please send my Angel home his mommy misses him.