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Another Kind of Normal

Just another Day

Aug. 4, 2012 marked 4 years since I received the phone call that would change my life forever. I try not to remember this day as a bad day, but yet it is so hard not to. I try to remember it as Dino Doozers Birthday. The day I decided as a mother I would never give up.
     Time seems to have slipped away from me at times, but not a days goes by that I don't miss my son. I still find it very hard when people ask "so how many kids do you have" or when I see a family gathered around laughing and playing around.

A Challenging Day

Well today turned out to be an ok day. Yesterday was a little challenging. When someone asks me "so how many kids do you have". I still pause for a second and then I explain with "well I had 3 but lost one in Dec. 09 to cancer".  The response is usually the same "oh I didn't know I'm so sorry"...and you know  it's really ok, because how would know.  
   I guess we never  think about things like this until our child is no longer here, and then it becomes so difficult knowing what to say.

The Start of the Empty Nest

Dear Sherod,
    Things here have been so busy. Your Aunt Renee and I have been very busy getting things ready for the 2nd Annual March Masquerade Ball. This year we have some pretty cool Entertainment...I know you would really like him. He does an amazing Elton John Tribute.
  Then today is probably one of the biggest steps in the right direction for your brother. Last night he went to bed a young man ..... this morning he woke up a Soldier. Yep he is officially joining The United States Army today.
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